The competitive world of online telephony

If you are reading this blog then you are surely aware of how competitive the VoIP industry is. Per-minute fees have been reduced dramatically over the past ten years, and many carriers and providers are often forced into providing bundle packages with monthly subscriptions, connection charges, and various bizarre fees in order to remain in-the-game.

The benefits to consumers (like you and me) are enormous – since in many cases we can call friends and family overseas for less than local mobile call.

We as an industry have come a long way in a very short time, and for that, we are thankful.

Thankful to who?
21 years ago when  VocalTech introduced the first VoIP transceiver, a technological hurricane roared through the sector producing a new generation of companies with VoIP as their foundation. Industry incumbents, including the largest of telcos, were left without a choice but to adopt this technology, as the price for traditional infrastructures was astronomical in comparison.

Here at PokeTALK we try and spearhead the efforts of this new generation of VoIP companies – providing innovative features and services, and bringing all your telephony needs under one (cozy) roof. Surely you recall from our previous price comparison post that our prices are in many cases  50% less than most providers out there, proving our commitment to standing in the front-lines of the telephony game.

If you have been following PokeTALK through its history you may recall we have always been aggressive with the way we operate, as well as with our promotions: providing free calls to/from southern Israel during the 2008 bombings, and even more recently providing free credit to anyone who signed up with an Netvision/013 email address (provided by a local competitor). In fact, we are so aggressive that if you send your last telephone bill to to prove you’re serious – he will give you a free credit to try PokeTALK in return.

Extra credit for Jajah users

Some suites must have been banging on their desk in Austria after reading our price comparison post a few weeks ago, because the PokeTALK staff woke up this morning  to discover they have been the target of horrible slander being spread by Jajah employees on the Jajah Facebook Fan Page!

Bizarrely enough, the Jajah employees claim that PokeTALK created a fake facebook website in order to try and obtain their users passwords. The official announcement goes on to say:

“its called Phishing, hackers use it to access your information. it can be your list of friends/credit card info/phone numbers/identity information…”

The announcement that Jajah made is bizarre, grossly untrue, and possibly libelous. Rest assured that PokeTALK staff is hard at work creating the ultimate feature-packed telephony services provided at rock-bottom rates – and whilst we do aggressively encourage all our competitor’s users to give us a try – we will certainly never break laws to get there.

We appreciate the continued support of our users!

Happy Poking!

Why us?

Hi Folks,

We are often asked why to use PokeTALK over Skype or Jajah. While we claim to have superior quality,  that is something you must test for yourselves, but we can point out the price points. Listing the top 15 destinations below, you will notice we have better rates on every destination, often times by over 50% less.


As you can see, we offer significantly better rates over Skpe and Jajah. Plus, for every payment made, you get bonus calls which gives you either free calls between the free destinations or sending free sms messages to any destination in the world. If this is not enough to convince you to try us out, we guarantee our quality with a 100% refund if you are unsatisfied.

Happy poking,

The PokeTALK Team